Urban Design

Our History

Do it once, do it properly, do it now.

The name “Urban Design Group” represents a long list of people who have been associated with manufacturing quality products for over 60 years.

In 1950 the Shephard family started the manufacturing journey trading as “Stanfred Metal Products”. This involved supplying the automotive industry and the Australian Defence Force with a wide variety of metal components. This continued for more than four decades until the introduction of plastics made participating in that market difficult for the company. Realising the need to diversify, Stanfred Metal Products acquired another local business “Jorge & Co” who were firmly focused on supplying a range of metal products to the automotive aftermarket.

The acquisition enabled the automotive based business to increase its product range and market share within the Metal Fabrication industry. As a result of the purchase, Stanfred now had the equipment and technology to manufacture larger, bulky items which they could now supply to local councils across Australia.

Since 2005 Stanfred Metal Products has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of streetscape furniture for a range of customers from local government to large property developers. More recently we have expanded to also service the school sector, both public and private. The product range and customer base continues to grow day after day.

In 2010 Stanfred Metal Products, in an effort to better service their customers, acquired another manufacturing company called “Urban Design Manufacturing”. This company’s focus was on supplying a wide range of “Shelters” to a customer base of local councils, schools and also property developers for over 17 years. This acquisition led to the re-branding of all products and services supplied to the market by Stanfred. The manufacturing branch of Stanfred was renamed “Urban Design Group”. This brought together a great range of quality products and a well-known and trusted brand.

“Stanfred Metal Products” is still owned and operated by the Shephard family and continues to be recognized in the automotive aftermarket industry as a quality brand offering a wide range of local and imported products.

“Urban Design Group” continues to expand its range of products and services for its customers year after year. Our commitment is to work with our customers ensuring they can always trust and be confident of receiving quality products and services.