Yarrambat Primary School

Urban Design Group was contacted by Yarrambat Primary School to assist in the design building and installation of an Avenue of Honour strip within the school grounds, from this point a very excited and dedicated team of people set out to complete a very worthy project in memory of our fallen soldiers over 100 years ago.

Time to complete the project was minimal as the avenue was due to open just prior to ANZAC day for a morning ceremony to be held with all staff, children, parents and local residents from the area, everyone was very passionate about the project and determined to ensure its completion on time no matter what it took.

Everyone at the school and Urban Design Group went about their business like a well oiled machine, the design, manufacturing and installation was completed in what seemed like no time at all. All works were completed in time for the ANZAC ceremony and the morning was an outstanding success.

Our soldiers were honoured by all that attended and the “Avenue of Honour” continues to look like a work of art as was intended.